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This Institute is well known as C-TAC (Center of Technical Advanced Computing) has managed to bring Quality Education in the field of IT in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. C-TAC, established in the year 2009 is a IT training provider of Punjab. We registered under the Govt. of Punjab. C-TAC gives great importance to providing high-quality education to students. We specialize in providing training services on Hardware, Networking, Web Development, Database management, security and Accountancy. Our organization not only provides the platform to build up the bright professional career in computer field but also provides the placement opportunity'


The goals of Computer Center are to provide core computing, networking, and information services for the academic community in the most cost-effective way.C-TAC aims to bring a sensation in the education society. Our basic to advanced computer training curriculum s are designed for those new to the computer as well as for those who wish to improve there existing computer skills and to acquire skills for employment or specialized tasks.




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